Feel The Extra Savings & Love

Audere’s appreciation for our loyal customers is encompassed within the exclusive Premier Client Program.

As a Premier Client, you’ll receive special perks, including:

  • Flat-rate, flexible shipping
  • $10 in Audere Cash every month you’re active
  • Annual anniversary gift
  • Exclusive access to purchase products unavailable to retail clients
  • Monthly Flash Sales
Premier Client 


Enroll for $99 and get $125 in Audere Cash to spend how you’d like.


Get an extra $10 a month in Audere Cash every month you’re active.


Get flat rate $5 shipping on all orders.

Subscribe & Save

Convenient delivery
every 30, 60, or 90 days. Adjust or cancel at any time.


Celebrate your Premier Client Year with an annual enrollment anniversary gift.


Get personalized recommendations,
advice, help, & more.


Get insider access to new products three days before launching to the public.


The Premier Client Program is an autoship program that a significant product discount when you join – save $26 immediately.  Then, when you keep your account active, you earn $10 of Audere Cash (product credit) each month, $5 flat rate shipping, exclusive access to flash sales and so much more!

Becoming a Premier Client is super simple and only takes 2 steps:

1) Purchase a “Premier Product Package” in the Audere Product Store; and, 
2) Set up a recurring Subscribe & Save profile.

It’s that easy!

When you have an active Premier Client account, you get $5 flat rate shipping on every order automatically.

Yes, you must choose a Consultant when you enroll in the Premier Client Program. Your Consultant can answer questions you have about the Premier Program and offer personalized product recommendations and more.

If you don´t know a Consultant, Audere will assign a Consultant for you after checkout. Your Consultant will provide support for all your haircare needs.

The cost to enroll as a Premier Client is $99. You’ll get $125 in Audere Cash to spend how you’d like. As an active Premier Client, you will receive $10 of Audere Cash in each month that you’re active to help discount your purchases by as much as 10%.

As a Premier Client, you will be identified by your email address, name or client number and the password you selected when you enrolled in the Premier Client Program. Upon entering the Audere website or your Consultant´s personal website, you must log in to identify yourself as a Premier Client in order to view and access the Premier pricing, or to update your order, billing or information on file with Audere.

Your initial order after you sign up will be your Subscribe & Save order that will be automatically shipped upon completion of your enrollment order. If you don’t edit your subscribe and save order or change your shipping date, you will receive the same products you selected in your initial order, at the Premier Client pricing, every 30 days from your enrollment date. You may change your subscribe and save order up to one day prior to the scheduled shipping date.  You can update your order or shipment date by logging into your Premier Client account and clicking on Edit Premier Client Cart.

There is no limit. You can place as many Premier Client orders as you would like during a single month. To receive your Premier Client perks, make sure to place the orders through your single Premier Client profile account.

You can have your subscribe and save order scheduled from the 1st through the 28th of any given month.

If you have made a purchase by mistake, please contact your Consultant or send an email

You may cancel your Premier Client account up to one day prior to your scheduled ship date. Log in to your Premier Client account, click My Account then click Manage my Account and select Cancel My Account.  Cancelling your Premier Client account discontinues  all benefits associated with the Premier Client program.