our story

Audere was built by industry leaders to be an ethical, equitable, and profitable partnership with driven and motivated entrepreneurs.

More than a product, we strive to produce business owners whose values and principles are reflected in the products they sell. Audere’s commitment to our valued Consultants and Clients is reflected by our community culture built by the field and for the field.

  • We are field-founding champions motivated by generosity, giving big, and giving back!
  • We are future-friendly, forward-thinking, optimistic, and overflowing with love!
  • We believe in limitless possibilities delivered and dreamers who dream big!
  • We are unstoppable, powerful, and filled with energy and passion!
  • We are bold, courageous, and owners of our lives and destiny!
  • We exist to be the bridge between hope and achievement!

we are Audere


From products to fulfillment to the business model and compensation, we will ask the question, “How can we do more?”


Our leadership model pursues the highest ethical standards. Our Consultant partnership program will lead the industry in compensation. Our products will always be earth-friendly, using only ethical ingredients and practices.


Audere strives to create a culture of vast diversity among our corporate team and the field. Through teamwork and collaboration, our one team, one mission philosophy continuously builds a sense of respect and unity.


We will be intentional in helping you achieve your goals. We will invest in each teams personal and professional development experience to keep you excited, engaged, and forward-focused.